For now, I choose to cherish these moments…

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For now, I choose to cherish these moments…

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Dear 2020,
Thank you.
As difficult, stressful and emotional as this year has been, I wouldn’t trade the time I shared
with my husband and children for anything. I had a “plan” for 2021 and that was to take some much needed time off work, take on less, in order to have more time with my children. 2020 gave me that instead. I slowed down. Oh, and cooked and baked…a lot (but didn’t everyone?)

Thank you for letting me be a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a business owner and even though there were some low lows and some high highs, I learned so much about myself, my parenting, my management skills, my business, but more importantly, how to be there for one another. This year taught me to show up. Even if it wasn’t in person.

I am humbled and grateful for my life. I am blessed to have a healthy family. But I am
extremely nervous about what the future may hold, what my next chapter may be….if my
business stay afloat, what long term effects will Covid have on my family? Who knows. I am
always worried about the future. Always. For now, I choose to cherish the moments. These

I will always remember:
1. Covid’s Birthday (as Jack calls it, because he thinks it started on his B Day (3.12), and
leaving Chicago not knowing we wouldn’t be home for 8 weeks.
2. Spending more time than I ever thought possible this summer in Michigan, with my
family, making memories.
3. LK Events – learning, growing, managing, crying, hopeless, hopeful, connections,
helping, connecting, curating, standing strong.
4. Baking, a lot. I realized this is something that helps with my anxiety. I baked constantly
in my teens and stopped for years. I am glad it’s back in my life.
5. My best friend in the world, moving to Hinsdale. Never in a million years did I think my
kids would grow up with Moo’s girls. And now, we get to cherish so many memories,
together. Just like we did as kids.
6. Bryan – your positivity, strength, “no worries” attitude. You are so supportive of
everyone, especially me. You are my biggest cheerleader. You held me up when I was
crumbling. You challenge me and remind me of what is important. You are the greatest
father. The greatest.
7. JoJo – memories of Eagle Ridge.
8. My mother. My rock.
9. Laughing. Crying. Laughing more.
10. Family.

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