We partner with brands that believe in positive change. Let us develop a wellness program with you that strengthens your brand and highlights the lifestyle of your consumers.


CAYA represents the best healers, teachers and coaches, and brings them to corporate and private events, foundations, schools, businesses and associations.


You don’t have to do it on your own - CAYA’s experts know the best products and tools to help you on your journey. Shop the collection.


Curated events and retreats on “being,” hosted by CAYA. Join us for group discussions on life’s biggest topics, hikes in the forest, meditation, sound therapy, yoga and so much more.


Self care and discovery is part of every human experience. CAYA donates 10% of our programmed hours to the community and individuals in need.


CAYA is designed to meet you where you are and is not confined to a single space; we believe in reaching diverse communities. Discovery doesn’t belong in the same four walls. Meet us in the forest, in a vacant building, in a school, a church, a business or on a rooftop.


Some say the most important thing to do in life is to find your purpose. I think that’s a big ask and one I’m not sure how to even start. Instead, I believe an alternate path could be to determine what you’re good at and what lights you up and go create something with it. Maybe that’s the formula for finding your purpose. This just seems easier for me to grasp.

My career up until now has helped me get clear on what I’m good at. I’m good at creating experiences that make people feel. I’m good at telling stories. I’m good at connecting with people and building relationships. I’m good at understanding what people need in order to be successful. I’m good at finding the most unique and special places, products and people and sharing them with my world.

I’ve known for most of my life what lights me up is connecting in deep and meaningful ways with people, including myself. My path of self discovery, growth and awareness started when I was in my teens. I’ve seen an astrologer every couple years since I was in high school. I’ve committed to taking solo trips for the past 8 years. I’ve run five marathons, all for different reasons. I’ve spent a lot of time on myself and I’ve also invested the time creating the most special, lasting and important friendships and relationships a girl could ever ask for.

There have always been starts and stops to my growth and discovery, but the passion and yearning never left. What also never left was my desire to help people. To take everything I’ve learned and experienced, build on it, and find a way to help others along their journeys.

I’ve also been one to not like a lot of rules or confined boxes, which has led me to right now.

CAYA, an acronym, comes from my own journey of learning how to show up as the most authentic version of myself. Stripped of defenses, walls and expectations of who I, and others, think I should be and how I should act. My life changed the moment I gave myself the permission to just show up, as I am. CAYA reminds us all of the importance to “come as you are” to your life, to your family, friends, colleagues, partners and community.

I’m starting CAYA Studios to share my passion for self discovery, growth and love with all types of people, communities and groups. To help the incredible teachers, healers and coaches of the world connect with people who are open to living a life of full potential.

There is always room for more love, more grace and more presence in our world, let’s go find it!

Stacy Lambatos