Smoky Quartz Polished Point


Smoky Quartz is the ultimate grounding crystal, a stone of the soul. It is used to absorb and neutralize harmful radiation and negative energy. If you are in a bad mood, pick up one of these to heal your heart and calm your mind. Smokey Quartz disperses fear and lifts depression, stress, anxiety and negativity…bringing a quiet and calming energy.

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Since I was a little girl, I've been collecting rocks, gems and crystals. Crystals for me are a combination of comfort, design and intention. They look beautiful in my home, they each serve a unique purpose in my intentions and visions and act as reminders of what I am setting out to life, for the day or in the moment. 

I encourage you to make your own ritual with your crystals, try to get a sense of the energy they give you and what purpose they serve in your life. 
I often hold mine in meditation, sleep with one under my pillow, bring them on a trip or put one in my purse to accompany me to an important meeting or event.  If it's a significant moment in my life, chances are I have a crystal with me.
I love giving crystals as gifts's a gift with meaning and intention that the recipient likely wouldn't buy themselves.