Palo Santo Perfume Oil


There isn’t a day I wear my Palo Santo perfume oil that I don’t get comments on how good I smell. The scent is unisex, subtle, yet alluring and interesting. For me, this scent brings inner peace, protection, wisdom and the assurance that being exactly who I am in this moment is perfect. You don’t have to be anything more or anything less – go on, have a roll and show up for yourself!

Scent Profile: rosy wood with notes of sweet grass

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I use Palo Santo like the Greeks use Windex...for EVERYTHING! I start my day with it, I burn it to get my creative juices flowing, to set intentions, before meditation and when I just need to take a pause. It's my daily ritual which is why it's important for me to offer several options and ways to use it.

.33 oz clear glass roller bottle

Ingredients: essential oil blend in a coconut oil base

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

Blended with intention using organic and wild crafted essential oils