Palo Santo Cleansing Candle


A palo santo candle may be my favorite thing in my home. Candles are an important part of my day and environment, both energetically and sensory. I feel more relaxed, safe and content with a candle burning. Light the palo santo cleansing candle to cleanse your space, your energy, your day or to remind yourself you’re exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.

Scent Profile: rosy wood with notes of sweet grass

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I use palo santo like the Greeks use Windex...for EVERYTHING! I start my day with it, I burn it to get my creative juices flowing, to set intentions, before meditation and when I just need to take a pause. It's my daily ritual which is why it's important for me to offer several options and ways to use it.

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Container: amber glass jar, black lid

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY