Citrine Polished Point


Citrine teaches us how to attract and manifest abundance, it’s a stone of wealth. This stone activates your creativity and allows you to experience joy and happiness. Citrine enables concentration, helps you overcome obstacles, awakens your higher mind and brings in direct positivity. Get clear on what your heart truly wants and then go…go create, dream and manifest all your heart’s desires!

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Since I was a little girl, I've been collecting rocks, gems and crystals. Crystals for me are a combination of comfort, design and intention. They look beautiful in my home, they each serve a unique purpose in my intentions and visions and act as reminders of what I am setting out to life, for the day or in the moment. 

I encourage you to make your own ritual with your crystals, try to get a sense of the energy they give you and what purpose they serve in your life. 
I often hold mine in meditation, sleep with one under my pillow, bring them on a trip or put one in my purse to accompany me to an important meeting or event.  If it's a significant moment in my life, chances are I have a crystal with me.
I love giving crystals as gifts's a gift with meaning and intention that the recipient likely wouldn't buy themselves.