CAYA White Agate Mala


Malas can be used for meditation or intention setting. Develop your own meaning and ritual with your mala and let it serve as a tool and reminder to step fully into your life and heart.

I wear my mala everyday. I go though a process as I put it on of seeing myself and grounding in this feeling as I prepare for my day.

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White Agate is a soothing and grounding stone, bringing balance to our emotional, physical and intellectual bodies. The stone has the power to harmonize yin and yang energy and aids in seeking hidden truths within each of us. It gently facilitates acceptance of one’s self, building inner confidence and grace. It overcomes negativity of the heart, fostering love and compassion while creating a sense of security. White Agate encourages quiet contemplation of life experiences, leading to inner growth and stability.

String of 108 beads

We worked with Sarita in Denver, Colorado to create this custom mala for CAYA. Sarita is all parts love, humility and hustle and it shows in the quality of her work and in her business.

Wear your mala as a necklace, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet or add to your alter and use in meditaiton.