Power of Not Knowing

There is no question 2020 has been filled with an enormous amount of uncertainty and change. At the same time, 2020 is a year that has presented us with unique opportunities. What if we could learn to shift our perspective; to see our current world as a chance to expand our awareness, deepen our relationships, inspire new creative thinking and rise to each of our own unique individual truths?

Begin 2021 with new connections, skills and tools to handle the uncertainty and find the space for openness, joy, new possibilities and creative expression.

This experience is for you or someone on your team who:

  • has been struggling with a business or personal challenge
  • wants to explore approaching life and work from an open heart and mind
  • wants to be more authentic, kind, creative and interested in all relationships: business and life alike
  • wants to foster a tighter and more authentic team dynamic and build a culture that embraces change.

Using our Ten Keys to the Power of Not Knowing, we will have discussions, provide tools and create experiences for our small group each week.  We believe our personal and professional lives are blended, even before COVID-19, however more so now.  Discussions will be completely confidential among the group and all topics are welcome.  The power of this experience will come from the collective sharing and reflection of each member, as well as the connections built from like-minded individuals sharing similar experiences.

Before we kick off, Stacy and Marina will schedule a 30-minute interview with each participant to get to know the group and better curate our agenda to the specific needs of each member.  The experience will end with another 30-minute interview with each participant to wrap up and share key learnings.

The group will meet for two hours every week for four weeks.

**Specific date and time to be confirmed when group is assembled to be sure it works for all members.  We will begin the week of February 1st and wrap up the week of February 22nd.

The WHY and WHAT of the experience in conversation with Marina + Stacy:

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Week 1: Come as you are

Week of February 1 -
Using our keys, you will observe yourself at work, home and leisure. You will practice knowing your tendencies when facing success and triumph as well as conflict and defeat. The group will explore the benefits of the not knowing approach at work and life, as well as contemplate and accept all aspects of themselves.

Week 2: Relationships

Week of February 8 -
Using our keys, you will observe yourself in various relationships: with colleagues, authorities, romantic partners, family members, friends, etc. You will become aware of all your roles and their relationships with your authentic self. The group will learn more about different aspects of themselves in every relationship: work and life alike. 

Week 3: Communication

Week of February 15 -
Using our keys, you will observe your communication styles and tendencies. You will practice being the most effective, honest, open-minded and open-hearted communicator, both verbally and non-verbally. The group will learn to open their heart to communicating their authentic truth and hearing and feeling the truth of another.

Week 4: Creativity

Week of February 22 -
Using our keys, you will observe your expression of problem solving and creativity. You will practice your creative self-expression and open your heart to the benefits of not knowing in the creative process. The group will learn to enhance their trust in themselves and in life. You will observe and contemplate your procrastinations and self-sabotage as well as learn to listen to and follow your intuition.

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Feb 01 - 26 2021




Virtual via Zoom
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  • Dr. Marina Papirova
    Dr. Marina Papirova
    Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist

    I dedicate my life to serving people and assisting them in self-exploration, self-expression, self-love, and self-healing. Licensed psychologist, certified Soul Coach®, and certified Six-Sensory®, I provide holistic psychotherapy and inspirational psychic readings in my private practice in Denver.

    For twelve years, I taught at the University of Denver as an adjunct faculty and clinical supervisor at the Counseling and Educational Services Clinic. Presently, I facilitate seminars, webinars and workshops on self discovery, self-love, authentic relationships, and manifestation of heart desires.

    I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology from Kharkov State University in my hometown of Kharkov, Ukraine and my Ph.D. degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver. In addition to my mainstream education, I trained with and received professional certifications from several world celebrated teachers and healers.

    Among my numerous hobbies are: reading, writing, walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, designing and sewing clothes, yoga, drawing and dancing. Yet my most cherished practices, in which I engage daily, are contemplation and meditation.

  • Stacy Lambatos
    Stacy Lambatos
    Founder, CAYA Studios

    I am the founder of CAYA Studios. CAYA is the culmination of my personal passion and professional experience. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been finding and experiencing different ways to learn about myself and grow . I also chose a high stress career in events and marketing that taught me the ropes of conscious leadership and how to manage stress, while finding “success” in both public and private companies.

    Prior to starting CAYA Studios, I was the VP of Brand Experiences for Verizon Media, the $8B Verizon Communications, Inc (NYSE: VZ) subsidiary. Over the 8 years at the company, I held leadership positions within events, B2B marketing, creative, and corporate brand. My experience through 8+ mergers and acquisitions, management changes and growing a team of 4 to 50+ employees has given me firsthand experience in leadership, business operations, marketing, building relationships and creating client and employee experiences. It was during these years I started getting the vision for CAYA, rooted in my own experience of intensity and change in the workplace and seeing the need for my own team’s wellbeing and joy, in and outside of work.

    I was born and raised in Denver, CO and received my BBA, with an entrepreneurship emphasis at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve had the privilege of calling Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City home throughout my life. I’m a lover of people, connections, experiences….and candles!