The Inner Seller

Achieving sustainable high performance with balance

High performance, promotions, recognition and success in business are not mutually exclusive to inner peace, balance and compassion for others.

In fact, to truly attain lasting success in business and leadership, we believe the most important work begins on the inside.  David Bell and Stacy Lambatos have come together to create The Inner Seller Experience.  We are bringing together seemingly irreconcilable polar opposites – igniting the inner journey for high performing, ambitious and driven leaders.

This 2:1 and group experience is for an intimate group of 10 individuals eager to uncover what lies just beneath the surface of our conditioning, defaults and auto pilot behaviors.  In doing so, you’ll learn how to tap into the power of trust, intention, choice and authenticity.

Why do the inside work?  Why uncover more when what you have and can see is working fine? Because:

  • Relationships are more lasting and meaningful without a mask on
  • Creativity and inspiration are more easily accessible
  • Your inner wisdom speaks more clearly to you in moments of deep presence and awareness
  • You can more easily respond to conflict and triggering moments vs react
  • You are more comfortable in the unknown, allowing fear not to dissolve and not drive behaviors and decisions

We also believe your inner journey and work is personal to you.  You have the answers and we’ll help you discover them through (2) thirty-minute private coaching sessions.  We’ll be using the CliftonStrengths assessment to assist and guide us in these sessions.

This experience is for business and sales leaders and their teams. Individuals who will resonate with The Inner Seller are eager to grow, connect and look within.

This is the beginning of what will be a series of lessons, stories, teachings and experiences in mindful living, leading and loving.  We can’t wait to connect and share this work with you!


Mar 25 2022


All Day




Virtual via Zoom

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