What I take out of this year

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What I take out of this year

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Dear 2020 overall you have been pretty awful let’s be real. And it looks like the first quarter of 2021 will also be beyond challenging but my wish as we say goodbye to you is that I don’t forget what I gained this year.

Forced to slow down and appreciate where I live and it’s natural beauty.

Became a better and more consistent cook and started to enjoy being in the kitchen more.

Reignited a love for my business and the event industry and will fight hard to see it recover.

Reconnected with old friends that I had lost touch with through the hustle and bustle of life as we had the time to chat and catch up.

Acquaintances became friends as we realized we have many things in common as we navigated our first pandemic and a crazy election season.

Saw history as the first female was elected Vice President

There is no Happy New Year wish this year as it seems tone deaf a change in numbers from 0 to 1 does not mean life goes back to normal

This is just an appreciation for life and what it gives us.

So long 2020

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