You little piece of shit

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You little piece of shit

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Dear 2020,

My gawd you were a little piece of shit this year. In the beginning I thought you were just playing around then you really became that bitch, the main character, saying wake up world. And guess what, you succeeded and shockingly I kind of love you for it. A love that’s packed with every emotion from “fuck you I hate you” to “this is fuckin awesome I love this.” For every moment of hate I hope to look back and reflect together like old acquaintances (still debating if we can be friends) reconnecting. For the fuckin awesome moments, I cherish you and thank you for getting me through the rollercoaster you created.

I thank you for the exploration of self
I thank you for a deeper appreciation for my relationships
I thank you for strengthening existing relationships
I thank you for my poke recipe skills
I thank you for my weight loss and gain
I thank you for my countless shower concerts
I thank you for Zoom flip cup and dance parties
I thank you for Chromatica
I thank you for the timeless finale from Schitt’s Creek
I thank you for breaking my mental stability
I thank you for making me feel my lowest low
I thank you for questioning my self value
I thank you for letting me truly embrace “it’s okay not to be okay”
I thank you for the affirmation “All I need is within me”
I thank you for the rallies across the world protesting racial inequality
I thank you for raising voices of color

I do say fuck you for the lives lost
Fuck you for the small family owned business lost
Fuck you for the selfish billionaires making millions
Fuck you for keeping an orange faced figure in leadership
And fuck you, just because I need to let it out.

I thank you for the space to express like I’ve never expressed before
I thank you for all my personal growths and non-growths
I thank you for teaching me to love myself and others even more than I did before
I thank you for science
I thank you for our troops – all the medical professionals
I could go on and on with this spirit of gratitude but Imma keep this vibe for myself because it’s making me feel damn happy at the moment.

So I leave you with…2020 you little piece of shit, I thank you and it’s time to move on – and oops I guess love you. When you see 2021 tell them to just be themself, because I will be doing the same, being more than ready to play, or simply ignore whatever shenanigans they got.


*play thank u, next by Ariana Grande*

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