The ups and downs

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The ups and downs

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Dear 2020,
You were alright until the end of see, the school.closures, the therapies stopping…all those things, we were able to ride through. My twin boys, who are both on the Autism spectrum, are adjusting and doing ok through everything. They are talking more and more. And they are happy.
But in the end of November, you started to take someone dear to me away. He collapsed and was unresponsive, in the ICU for a week. Then, on December 2nd, you took him away. My father. My rock. My boys’ grandfather. We are adjusting. I have never cried so much in my life. One of my boys just said yesterday, “daddy, I don’t want mommy to cry.”
The boys say, “grandpa is in the sky.” Yes, he is. He is watching over us and waiting for us to go over there, when our time comes.
So 2020, you ended with a really bad note. It definitely did not help that December 3 is my birthday. But, we are stronger than you. We are adjusting, moment by moment. And we are going to persevere. Thanks for reminding us of that.

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