You made me stop….

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You made me stop….

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Dear 2020,

After years and years of being on the go, rowing upstream to keep it all together as I was climbing the corporate ladder, trying to be the best mom ever and maybe finding a little bit more from my depleted emotional account to also be a good wife, you made me stop. You made me stop at exactly the right time, when I needed it the most. My kids are getting older and my window is closing, the time with them limited to only a few more years before they leave the house and start their own lives. This year was a forcing function, it created the perfect opportunity for me to slow way down, be here for everything, be fully present in my life, their lives and my relationship with my husband. So 2020, while you have shown me more hardship in 12 months than I expected, the silver lining is what you gave me and I will forever be incredibly grateful for these months, the lessons on life and love that you have taught me. You were the greatest unexpected gift.

xoxo, Jen

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