There’s Always A Silver Lining If You Look Hard Enough

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There’s Always A Silver Lining If You Look Hard Enough

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Ah, 2020. You little witch. Or…you know what I mean.

Aaron and I should’ve been married three months ago, but it didn’t happen. We took it as an opportunity though, not a loss. We were definitely bummed, but in our world, we tend to think that the universe is conspiring to bless and teach us, not work against us. Early on, we decided that we weren’t going to do a complicated dance with COVID in 2020. No disrespect to any other couples; I know so many of us have DREAMED of this day and the decision to move forward or postpone is a very personal one. However, Aaron and I are not on the “hand sanitizer and masks station, tables 6ft apart” train. We just couldn’t imagine our wedding day being that way. So we put our heads together to think about how our year might be better spent in the meantime.

Fast forward to today, and some pretty cool things have happened:

I had a lot of time to think about our actual wedding day and how I wanted it to feel. As a designer, I branded it with some brand words (duhhhh): lighthearted, effortless, fun, relaxed, modern. I will say “no” to things that complicate the experience, make it more expensive for no good reason, and ruin the good vibes. End of story. Periodt, bébé.

A and I worked on our relationship. We had some tough moments this year (who didn’t), but I’m also WAY lucky to have a best friend in my mate. We stepped deeper into humility, team work, self-care (omg I have a post for that), listening…like actually listening. There’s always something to learn. After lots of laughs, tears, farts, covid walks, “dreaming about after covid” conversations, WE STILL HERE. And we celebrated 7 years together, too. Time seriously flies when you’re having fun with your divine human.

Oh, and then we diverted funds and decided it would be fun to buy a house at the start of the pandemic. What an adventure, but so worth it. At least now we have a pretty and cozy, little house in which we can shelter-in-place. RIght?

Something I’ve learned over the years is that the world very much sits in a gray area; nothing is truly black or white. And that’s how 2020 has been. I’ve had so many positive, life-changing moments as well as some tough emotional pills to swallow. It is what it is, and guess what? I’m still standing. If you’ve gotten to the end of this, just remember– there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough. – A

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