Dear 2020,

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Dear 2020,

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I’m a black woman.

This year, black people have been writing a steady stream of letters, all pleading. “Arrest the cops who killed Breona Taylor” or “Justice for George Floyd” or “ Justice for Ahmaud Aubrey” or simply “Stop Killing Us.” I’m exhausted. Hurt. Tired of writing them.

And yet, so many haven’t read these letters, drenched in our tears. Why? Why doesn’t the unjust killing of another human move you to scream that something is very wrong? How can you ignore it? How can you sleep?

I know I can write one more. It won’t be short, and it won’t be sweet. Maybe someone will read this one and be moved.

“Dear 2020, black lives still matter. When will others step out of their comfort zone and say it with us?”

Signed, an emotionally drained and exhausted black woman.

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