*Deep breath* Where do I start?

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*Deep breath* Where do I start?

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Dear 2020,

*Deep breath* Where do I start? I raised my glass with who I thought was the love of my life as the clock struck midnight to ring in 2020. We shared a smile and a toast and said this would be the year we got engaged. It was a beautiful night and the year started off in utter perfection. But the perfection quickly came to a halt and Covid neared and anxieties rung high (higher than normal, that is). We started fighting, and he took off to Florida for what we thought would be a week. In the midst of his trip, Covid struck the states and flights across the country were canceled. We decided it was best for him to “weather the storm” and come back in a week or two. Weeks turned into months and it wasn’t until August he came back. There are many things that I’m leaving out but after 5 months apart, we decided to end things. During our time apart, I lost my dream job and our recently rescued dog needed a lot of attention. It was a struggle and some of my darkest days. I had to move out of our beautiful apartment because I could no longer afford the full rent on my own. Jobless, homeless (I say that jokingly) and single, my dog and I looked for a new home while tirelessly applying for a job. My only living grandmother passed away and I couldn’t be with family to grieve. I’ve since landed a great new job, found a beautiful apartment and have begun dating again but to say I’m ready to put 2020 in the past is an understatement. I’ve learned and grown tremendously and hope the most challenging year of my life is behind me. Cheers to 2021.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so glad you are landing on your feet . xxx

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