Crises are opportunities not to be wasted

Stacy LambatosDear 2020Leave a Comment

Crises are opportunities not to be wasted

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“Crises are opportunities not to be wasted…”

* Gave us an opportunity to examine our accepted ‘norms’ and improve upon them

* Highlighted how vital service workers (cashiers, deliverers, stockers, etc) are to keep our society functioning smoothly

* Raised recognition of our medical workers and (hopefully) continue to give them much deserved adulation

* Sharpened the lens on the weaknesses in our society

* Stressed to each of us what is important in life, what is necessary

* Showed our resilience and strength when facing adversity

* Tested our resolve to address shelter and food insecurity

* Created a desire to open our hearts and assist others

* Underscored that we are one world


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