A year to remember and share with generations to come

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A year to remember and share with generations to come

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Dear 2020; a year to remember and share with generations to come.

My first thought is to be grateful for all within my family circle that God has granted to remain healthy this year. My heart is full of gratitude for that gift.

I have learned to remain patient and ignore a majority of the information received through the media. Best to do our very own research and avoid the opinions.

My preference is to listen to music and TRUST our Lord in His Plan.

Regarding the health issue we faced this year, I say caution is an easy skill, by choice….. masks, social distancing and cleanliness.
Before we know it we will be beyond this challenging time.

My grandchildren are a priority and I have remained in their lives and safely in their activities.

Over the last 8 years I have survived incredible loss, the passing of two loved ones; husband and child. Through this life challenge, I have processed priorities and strengthened, or remembered, the deep wisdom of our purpose. So as this year has been unique, my experience has continued to be one of learning, sharing and aspiring to be a better person. That is a goal no matter our current (and always temporary) events,


The picture ….. my mission, my joy during the rest of my experience on earth

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