A lot of people say I’m the best

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A lot of people say I’m the best

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Dear 2020,

My birthday was the best thing that happened to me this year. I didn’t like wearing face masks. They are terrible because you can’t breathe through them. I got an orange one.

A lot of people say I’m the best.

When somebody gets hurt, I go and check on them to see if they are alright. I haven’t seen anybody who was not alright. If someone is not alright, I’ll go get the teacher.

I am smart because I have that faith in myself…which does a lot to my life.

A really good memory was playing hide and seek with Miss Janessa when she babysat us.

I miss playing with Peter but the good thing is that he might come back to my school.

Noma’s place is the best place, I’m here with a bow tie on. I just love Noma and Aunt Stacy.

I’m really good at slapping my letters with a fly swatter. We play that game at school. I can read “Reader 2” books. I like to learn math problems.

My favorite characters are Paw Patrol because I just love it.
My favorite thing about my sister is that she gives me things from the treasure box.

My favorite restaurant is 3 Margaritas. I get a cheese and bean burrito. My favorite game to play is chess.

Hawaii is my favorite place to go but if Hawaii is closed, I’ll go to Mexico.

I’m grateful we have water.

Ajay (5 years old)

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