With Love and Light

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With Love and Light

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Dear 2020,

The universe spoke so loudly it brought us to our knees.
We picked ourselves up and saw the ground swept right out from under us again and again – quite literally in the form of earthquakes, erupting volcanos, record hurricanes and flooding, massive wildfires and drought.  There was so much upheaval, you will be one for the history books – possibly the turning point that guided us to better times.

The smoke from the raging wildfires burned my eyes, made my throat raspy and left ash everywhere. The skies were grey, I missed the sun.  How could I complain?  I still have my house.

The Coronavirus spread rapidly worldwide.  At first, I thought it would be an opportunity to bring all humans together to fight for wellness, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Our world is divided.  It breaks my heart to see the pain, death, sickness, hunger, heartbreak and loss.  We have each been forced to look inside of ourselves for the answers that feel right for us.

I was isolated. It was distressing to walk in my park and see the playground taped off limits, the library closed (even the book drop).  I missed visits to the Museums, Zoo and Botanic Gardens.  Restaurant meals became picnics or take out.  I made almost 100 masks and learned to wear one.  I will be spending my first Thanksgiving alone.

Politics rage throughout the world.  The United States is a divided nation full of anger, hatred, dishonesty and despair.  It feels like the Civil War all over again with people unable to accept someone who is different.  Differences of skin color, language, sex, age, wealth, religion, political viewpoint or sexual preference has caused physical and verbal attacks, sometimes leading to death.  The new path would be seeing all of us as humans on one planet.

My heart filled with joy and I felt like dancing when Joe Biden was declared president.  I felt hope for the future of our country under the leadership of a caring, responsible and honorable president.

I have seen some beauty in this devastation.  I see love pouring out to help those in need, whose lives have been shattered.  I see appreciation for the essential workers who continue doing their jobs for the good of us all.  I see people speaking out and demanding to be heard for equal rights and change.  I see creativity abound in looking at different ways to restructure businesses, education, childcare, entertainment, natural habitats and transportation – rethinking our habits and patterns.

The joys and highlights you have brought me:

  • A beautiful vacation to Tulum, Mexico in January to celebrate my 65th birthday.
  • Time alone to create and learn  (painting, drawing, sewing and Zoom meetings), gardening in my balcony pots and walking in nature.
  • Sleepovers and laughter with my grandchildren (the best medicine of all!)
  • Watching the Thunderbirds fly over and howling outside at 8pm in recognition of the overburdened medical workers.
  • Creating a scavenger hunt for my Grandson’s 5th birthday when he couldn’t have a party.
  • Breakfast with family on what would have been my Grandpa’s 121st birthday
  • African drummers and dancers in the park – the music spoke to my heart.

The devastation has made us stronger, forcing us to find different paths than we are accustomed to.  Normal is gone.  I am envisioning the path for 2021 to be one of love, joy, health, equality, peace, listening, caring for ourselves and nature.

You have brought me deep appreciation for my family, friends, home and having enough food to eat.  I feel privileged to have so much when others have lost everything.  As I write this, I am looking at a picture of my grandchildren – the light of my life.  I will do everything I can to make this a kind, loving, safe world for them to grow up in.
Love is stronger than the darkest hatred.

With Love and Light,
Ronda L.

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