Dear 2020,

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Dear 2020,

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T – Thinking about exotic travels abroad.
W – Wishing for indoor friends, indoor meals, indoor games.
O – Obligated to continue day job.


T – Talking more with dear friends around the world, sharing stories of impacts.
H – Holding on to each sweet extra moment with my people.
O – Optimistic and overflowing with HOPE.
U – Understanding it will NOT ALWAYS be like this…
S – Saluting our front line workers, first responders, and solution finders.
A – Aspiring to more kindness, more gentleness, more sweetness, more love of others.
N – Nabbing each hug I can from my girls while they are home.
D – Declaring PEACE and JOY amidst FEAR and CONFLICT.

T – Thousands of extra hugs from my family.
W – Weekday lunches with my “schooling from home” children.
E – Exercising outside every day I can.
N – New card games, new board games, new patterns, new outside “Happy Hours”
with dear friends.
T – Trails, new and old, but mostly new that I have never hiked and will never forget.
Y – Yearning for hugs from sweet friends.

By Mindy

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