How are you?

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How are you?

January 17, 2020

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This is such a loaded question.  I’ve never been one for resolutions or to reflect on the past at the turn of a new year or big life moments.  In fact, I don’t have that great of a memory. I remember how I felt more than specific details of where I was or what happened.

This moment in time feels different though.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the people and experiences in my life during 2019 and a need to process the year with a new found intention and awareness.  I also feel a powerful surge of energy, balanced with a clarity I've never felt before as I move into 2020.

From the outside, 2019 was about recovering from knee surgery and starting a business.  What I didn’t set out to do, or expect was the internal journey that literally and figuratively knocked me on my ass.  I was called to dig deeper than I ever have, open up more than I was comfortable with and show up in ways that were unfamiliar to me.

I haven’t been shy in writing about my own personal growth and discovery.  For the past few years, I’ve set myself on a path that felt disarming, yet comfortable.  This path helped me to be present with my feelings and thoughts and to process the events and emotions of my life with more awareness and less reaction.

2019 was different.  Part of launching CAYA included building and developing the best teacher network to bring to teams, leaders and businesses.  I met incredible and inspiring healers and teachers, bursting with love, energy and talent to share with the world.

What I did not account for was the internal journey I would soon set myself on as I “experienced” all these teachers’ talents and gifts.  What I thought was “going deep” in the past, was just the surface.

Sharing my experiences will be part of the CAYA story this year, but my overall reflection reminds me of a quote from Richard Bach,  “You teach best what you most need to learn.” For me, 2019 has been the most profound and transformational year of learning how to “come as I am”.

I learned to dance with ambition and surrender, with control and letting go, with attraction and effort.

As much as I wanted to focus on CAYA, to grow the business, be proactive in reaching out, accepting all the offers for didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t bring myself to go there and anytime I tried, I was pulled explore more of myself.

I wasn’t ready, until now.  I am finding more and more what I desire to do with my life is matching up with what is possible for my life.

I feel a great deal of responsibility to connect the healers and teachers of the world to business leaders and teams.  Our world is craving to wake up, to find a new way, to explore new ground. Yet it’s hard to know what’s right, where to turn and what decisions to make when we’ve been operating in the same patterns for years.  Most of our days and decisions are driven by fear and control...and it’s tiring.

CAYA is in the business of connection.  Connection with yourself, connection with others and connection to something greater than us.

It’s an incredible feeling to want to change.  To want to start again. To want different. It’s also hard and lonely.  Often times not knowing where to turn, who to go to and where to start.

CAYA is the start.  Together we can create a world of abundance and love in business, in our families, among our friends and within ourselves.

It's time.  It's going to take a little trust, a lot of vulnerability, an open heart and a bit of surrender...but I know we can do it.

So, how are you?

I’m so good and so ready.

I’ve been known to spend a lot of time dreaming up big dreams and visions for my life and business.  Knowing that all our wildest dreams are possible, I’m also aware that I have to land the plane and start somewhere.

CAYA is positioned to make an impact in both business and community this year. 

  • We are creating 4 to 8 month programs for teams, focused around personal development and growth.  Our time together is spent in both conversation and experiences, rooted in the challenges businesses are currently facing.
  • We are speaking about our experiences and mindful living at conferences while integrating CAYA experiences within each visit.
  • We’re planning our first CAYA event series this year, with the goal to elevate the connections and experiences of everyone in attendance.
  • We will continue to expand our retail line, finding new makers and beautiful products.

I sincerely hope to work with you, to meet you and to connect on the most important work of our time.  

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