I am living proof

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I am living proof

October 29, 2019

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I AM living proof.

living proof that if you don't tell your story someone else will.

living proof that that full lies mixed with less than half truths can almost break you.

living proof that resilience matters.

living proof that while what doesn't kill you makes you stronger may look good on a t-shirt it can steal your innocence and lead you to distrust well ... everything

living proof that it's better to love yourself first and living proof of what happens when you don't

I AM living proof proof that it's okay for some people to not like you ... in fact it is more than okay

living proof that details matter ... in relationships, in experiences ... and small cuts on your ankle ...  that one almost killed me.

living proof of what it looks like to persevere out of a family of origin that was destroyed by abuse, poverty, dysfunction, addiction and, possibly most of all, fear and shame. cocaine may be "a hell of a drug" ... but fear and shame will kill you.

I AM living proof that black people take care of their own despite the narrative we've been sold and living proof that our community is thriving.

and i will be living proof of what i'm about to do next. For myself. For my son. For my people.

-Anthony / Jackson's Dad (from a hospital bed)

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