Consumption with meaning

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Consumption with meaning

September 22, 2019

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I love to consume with meaning and with feeling.

We all consume food.  I love food, but more importantly I love consuming the experience of dining.  I’d much prefer mediocre food with incredible company, service and ambiance over the best tasting food of my life.

I love consuming smells, alllllll the smells.  Candles, incense  essential oils...can’t imagine my life without them, truly.

We consume vibes.  I sense things, I pick up on energy and I’m deeply influenced by how I feel.  Therefore, I’m very conscious of who I find myself with and where I spend my time.  I seek out the vibes that bring me joy, make it easy and encourage me to show up to my life, just as I am.

I love consuming sounds.  Sitting by a stream, the sprinklers ticking away on my aunt's ranch or opening up my “discover weekly” playlist on a Monday morning give me all the feels. (CAYA playlists are coming!)

We all consume experiences.  Lately I’ve discovered of myself it doesn’t really matter where I am in the world as long as my heart feels full and I’m deeply invested in experiences that fill me up.  I wasn’t born with the travel bug and I don’t have a huge desire to visit every corner of the earth.  What I do have a desire for is experiences and connection with people.  I want to influence and be influenced by real life connections and shared experiences.  In my bedroom, in a park, on top of a mountain, at a dive bar, in the ocean, at a retreat, in a restaurant, in an get the point, I don’t really care where I am, as long as I’m finding people and moments that light something up inside of me.  I seek to consume more of this, daily.

I consume tools, people (can you really consume people?!) and experiences that I think could possibly help me in my own personal growth and journey.  This isn’t to say I sign up for every trick in the book, but I am saying I take some risks and trust my intuition that it will lead me to where I need to be.  I sign up for what I’m drawn to, what interests me and what sometimes keeps knocking on my door until I can’t ignore it anymore.  Notice I didn’t say what kept me comfortable, some of this stuff is hard, but so ripe and worth it. (Like the peaches in Colorado right now!)

We're experts on consuming things.  I seek to consume “things” that give me the feeling of the biggest hug in the world.  A cozy blanket, my favorite sweatshirt, my car (driving is sacred in my world), art, books, my bed, a crystal (or 10!) and plants galore.

All of this leads to my desire to open the digital “shop” within CAYA.  This isn’t to get rich or become the next big thing in retail...this little shop is my passion to share with you, what lights me up, supports my intentions and keeps me grounded.  Lastly, it’s to help you be a bad a$$ gift giver.  I’ll wrap your gifts with love and include a hand written note if you want.  Giving thoughtful and creative gifts has always been something I enjoy doing and I’d love to be a source for you to share your love with others.

Coming November 2019



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