Dreams are tested

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Dreams are tested

July 1, 2019

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What message do you want to leave behind?

Leave behind, that’s a hard one, I don’t know why anyone should listen to my advice apart from the fact I survived and thrived amidst great pain ... maybe that’s a good enough reason ... I don’t really know ... but I’d say I want people to know themselves, love themselves, and live their truth. Forget about self help books and weight loss and all the other bs we’re sold. Just know you who are. Love that person. Live that truth. That will do more than a pair of dope sneakers (unless they’re Common Projects) ever could.

I also want people to know that dreams are tested. The bigger the dream. The greater the test. By the time you walk into the dream you need the pain and hurt to build the character that will propel you forward. Pain is necessary but it’s not necessary for you to be defined by pain.

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