Welcome to CAYA

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Welcome to CAYA

June 16, 2019

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For most of my life, I can vividly recall two truths. The first: my answer to anyone who asked what I wanted to do with my life was always, “I don’t know, I just want to help people.” The second: my answer to anyone who asked me how I was, was always “okay,” with a can of worms left on the table that I didn’t know how to open in order to get to “good” or “great.” These two truths always left me searching for more.


It’s easy to say I don’t fit in a box. I’m curious to know who does. I believe we are all unique, finding different paths and journeys throughout our lives. My journey started like many others. Grow up in a supportive family, go to school, make friends, apply to college, get a job and go to work. Nowhere in that journey did I learn how to just be. How to feel my emotions and learn what to do with them. How to connect with people from an open heart. How to deal with loss, disappointment, uncertainty or even joy. How to show up to my life as me, fully present with my whole heart.

Everything that I had been unconsciously and consciously committing to was in direct contrast to the person I wanted to be and the relationships I wanted to have. I either had to accept my actions and behavior and let them redefine who I was or start living a more authentic and honest life.

I desperately wanted to get to “good” or “great,” so I started prioritizing myself in my life and finding people, places and experiences that brought more peace, more love, more joy and more acceptance. I have committed to a lifelong journey of discovery, growth and living as honestly and in-the-present as I can. It has changed my life to the extent that while I still have tough days, I feel deeply in my soul the goodness and energy of my life. Now I am paving a path to help others do the same.

Welcome to CAYA Studios.

I’ve chosen to launch CAYA with individuals and teachers who have helped me on my own path. Who have helped me see the world and myself for who I am today. There is no question that I have shown up and done the work with each of them, but they have also shown up with me and held my hand and heart.

This is CAYA, we’ll show up with you, as you are, to create the space in discovering YOU and your full potential.

Join us for the journey, all you have to do is...come as you are.

3 Comments on “Welcome to CAYA”

  1. GREAT JOB ,STACY !!!!
    Hope your launch has all the energy that you put into CAYA,to make your life dreams come true very soon.
    Work hard and stay passionate with everything you do. DAD

  2. Stacy,

    For over seven years, I have witnessed your drive, energy, commitment and the way you work with people, so there is no doubt in my mind that CAYA will reward you many times over with satisfaction and success. Art

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