The circles we chose

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The circles we chose

June 16, 2019

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What is one thing you want to let go of?

Lately, I’ve found self-classifying as something I really take pride in and in a way even liberating.

Female. Wife. Mother. Vegan. Agnostic. Democrat. New Yorker. European. Polyglot.

And while I thought that being part of a group would feel more tribal and supportive, I’ve noticed though that the more self-labeling I’ve been doing, the more isolated I’ve become.

I don’t want to engage in people who do not share my ideas or philosophies. I want to retreat away because honestly I’m too lazy to argue, I’m too close-minded to understand their perspectives, I’m too judgmental to give their voice validity, and I’m too tired to care. It’s privilege.

And while I can’t ever “let go” of privilege, I want to work on letting go of my attitude of convenience and start seeing us all for what we are, human beings.

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